An open and inviting outdoor living room is the social gathering space of the home. This is the casual version of the its indoor counterpart, and the natural draw for entertaining of guests, spending time with the family, or just relaxing and breathing in the outdoor space. What is more inviting than a living room without walls?

Over recent years, this outdoor room has evolved the quickest. Materials, styles, and patterns are technologically advanced enough to create the ideal outdoor living room, which can include all the comforts of home to encourage entertaining. A comfortable sofa or loveseat, and individual club chairs, all constructed in outdoor durable materials and fabrics. Same goes for the occasional tables, side and/or coffee tables, where you’ll set down your drinks.

Dress up the space with soft outdoor lighting such as candles or lanterns, outdoor rugs, as well as pieces of accent furniture. This might also be the space for a fire feature such as a fire pit. The end result should be inviting and comfortable, and encourage lingering and laughter.