The outdoor space would not be complete without a cocktail or refreshing drink in hand, and tasty meals to accompany.  However, the outdoor dining room is more than just the space for eating and drinking outside. As opposed to the indoor dining space, dining in nature without walls is an event which celebrates the space as well as the food.

Enjoying refreshing drinks and tasty meals outside invites long hours of conversation and relaxed vibes, breathing in the beauty of the surrounds and releasing the stresses accumulated during the day.

Today’s outdoor furnishings are designed for these long lingering pleasures, in materials of proven longevity and comfortable style detailing. The centerpiece is the outdoor dining table sized appropriately for the regular use of the home’s occupants, with the option if space allows to seat additional people during dinner parties. The configuration can vary from large rectangular shapes with armed captain chairs at either end with side chairs or long benches along each side, to more intimate round shapes to seat 4 to 6 to 8. Comfort is key to full relaxation. Seating should allow for long periods of comfortable seating, ergonomically designed to the body, as well as outdoor cushions that help support hours of conversation.

Furnishing your outdoor dining room with comfortable and functional elements will create the gathering space you envision. Accompanying furniture might be useful serving areas, such as buffet consoles or drinks and appetizer trolleys. For the table top, outdoor suitable dinnerware that is more durable than that used for indoor dining is now available, such as BPA free acrylics or titanium infused crystal that offer all the aesthetic pleasures of fine dining, but without the worry. And let’s not forget soft lighting that can be provided by floor lanterns, table top unscented candles, or outdoor string lights. The objective is to create an environment that encourages relaxation and pleasure.