Whether it be the restoration of weathered teak furnishings, or the damage repair from over-enthusiastic guests, we at Outdoor Living are at your service. Speak with one of our Sales staff to review, and we will do our utmost to provide you with service that exceeds your expectations.

Finishing services

Over the many years in Hawaii, we have developed the reputation for being the experts in Teak Restoration.  We have the experience and the products to restore weathered and patina’ed teak back to the golden hues of new teak.  And we have the knowledge of which products work for Hawaii’s climate, which is unique to any other climate on the planet.

If you wish to restore your teak, be prepared to provide images of your furnishings in their current state to our Sales staff for evaluation.  Once agreement has been reached as to what needs to be done, we will arrange pick-up of your furniture and perform the restoration back at our warehouse facilities.  Expect at least a week or more turnaround, at which point we will schedule a delivery to return to you your furniture refreshed.

Custom cushions

We receive many requests to create new or redo existing. As all of our cushions are technically custom, we can create any shape, thickness, and in any outdoor fabric that exists. Our standards for outdoor cushions are generally higher than that of mass produced cushions found elsewhere, starting with Sunbrella or equivalent fabrics only, to outdoor suitable foam cores with Dacron wraps, and zippered access for ease of cleaning.

Bring us either a template or the actual cushions themselves for evaluation. Sometimes we might suggest only doing new covers and reusing the existing cores. Ask or our Sales staff for their suggestions.

Repair services

Repair services

Fortunately, we see very little in the way of damage to our furnishings, which we credit to the high quality of materials and construction of which we pride ourselves on. However, from time to time, there will be mishaps. We have seen everything from hot cigarettes butted out on weave (!) to teak furnishings used as chew toys from pets (Macaw parrots!).  If it can be repaired, we will do our best.

When in doubt, a picture speaks volumes. Or if possible, bring the item by our showroom/warehouse, and we can evaluate the level of repair needed, and organize a plan going forward.


Our furniture is rated for commercial use and comes with manufacturer defect warranties during the first year. Fortunately, the rare manufacturing defects are generally discovered within the first weeks of use. Damage that occurs outside of this first year is not covered, but may be easily repairable. Contact your Salesperson to discuss what is possible.

  • Limited Warranty: Outdoor Living offers a Limited Warranty on defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from original date of purchase. Outdoor Living will repair or replace the items in the original color and collections as the original, if in the event a color or collection is discontinued a comparable collection and color will be selected.

    Within a two (2) year period, Outdoor Living will repair at no charge any minor weave issues that are not a direct result of incidental or consequential damage.

  • Warranty Limitations: Limited Warranty does not include: product failure resulting from improper or unreasonable use, neglect or abuse, acts of nature, damage by harsh or abrasive cleaners, normal wear and tear or freight damages.