ABOUT US:  Since 1998, Outdoor Living has earned a reputation in the islands as the source for outdoor furnishings — great design, high quality products and exceptional service.  We provide more than just the material, our team creates solutions to living in the outdoors.  Outdoor Living sources from factories and vendors with target markets around the world – ie Europe, Asia, South America, Australasia.  Having a global perspective allows us to tap customer and design trends internationally, offering our clients a greater breadth of products than typically seen in the usual American retailers.
OUR PURPOSE is to enhance your outdoor experience, because it tangibly enhances your quality of life.  And your outdoor experience needs to be uniquely yours – to suit your Style and your life. Our greatest satisfaction comes from rethinking a previously underused and underappreciated space, and creating the most favored and utilized space in your home.  We know that living in the outdoors is a luxury for most parts of the world.  This luxury is easily taken for granted in our islands that boast perfect climate year- round.  Living in the outdoors requires the same standards to comfort, design, and quality that we expect for living within four walls.  In actuality, it requires even more, because the forces of Mother Nature can be fierce and unrelenting in our Hawaiian environment.  So everything must meet our toughest standards for durability, comfort, and style.

 is to provide you complete satisfaction and create an ongoing relationship of service. We will always stand behind all of our products, and will endeavor to go over and beyond so that your highest expectations are met.  Since our founding, relationship building has been the aim for all that we do.

OUR COMMUNITY OUTREACH:  Benefiting our local community is why we do what we do.  The satisfaction that we get from doing MORE is as important as the success.  Corporate philanthropy is a year long endeavor supporting worthy organizations that better our environment, our community and the world we live in.  And on the business side, we are very proud to partner with local vendors and suppliers — Trying to keep it local.

Here are a few of our favorite organizations:

Teens on Call Brian McAfferty has been working with Maui’s youth for many years to help them gain skills and experience. In addition to teaching the respect of the aina (the land) at their taro patch in the “Valley”, Brian’s team provides landscaping services and other odd Jobs. Outdoor Living has been utilizing the Teens on Call program since 1999, providing work for many of Maui’s youth.

Haleakala Waldorf School: located on the slopes of Haleakala, this school’s goal is to meet today’s educational needs in a child developmental approach, with deference to the culture, community, and environment of it’s unique location on Maui, in Hawaii, and in the middle of the Pacific, bridging East and West.

Manao Radio:  The unconventional approach of this radio station — nonprofit, commercial free, community sponsored, musician driven — has created a programming format that is eclectic, broad in range, and serves the public’s better interests.