There is only one first impression, and that will be the one that sticks with every guest to your home.   On your front lanai, the personality of your home is on display as they walk up and eventually enter and sets the tone for your entire house.   Will it be a warm welcome, or will it highlight disorganization?   Particularly here in Hawaii, where we remove our shoes before entering the house, the front lanai can often become a gathering place for a pile of cluttered shoes.  Rather than put up with the tripping hazards, adding some organization to this impressionable space can set the tone for a pleasant visit.

In the approach to your home, this transitory space should showcase your tasteful aesthetic.  The furnishings and the color palette, as well as the organization is key to providing a welcome and peaceful entrance.   A thoughtful bench or generous chair offers your guests a courteous and comfortable place to sit and remove their shoes, particularly those who appreciate avoiding the one-legged balancing act.  A well designated chest or rack to store shoes is also a great idea to corral the clutter.  Add homey touches with a colorful entrance rug and outdoor seating cushions that carry the color theme into the interiors.  Make your first opportunity to impress your guests a good one!